'What I eat in a day.'

Nutritional strategy approach. What I consume daily.

Training day. AM session. Min 12,000 steps. Circa 3000kcal. (190g Protein, 375g Carb, 80g Fat).

This is based around a day in which I will train first thing, if I train later in the day I tend to just move the meals around to fit.


Pre workout.

I usually consume something small or nothing at all depending on the session. If my session is CV based then I train fasted with a black coffee, if I’m incorporating weights I will eat something small & high GI carb based so I can digest quickly.


Rice cakes. Yogurt. Banana. Honey.


RX bar. (protein bar).



Post workout.

I usually consume this meal within an hour of finishing training. Tends to be my highest carbohydrate based meal to aid with glycogen replenishment & general recovery. I aim for a mixture of high GI (fruit/honey) and low GI (oats) carbohydrate sources, as well as a good source of quick ingesting protein (protein powder). I sometimes include a healthy fat source (peanut butter) but I focus more on higher carb & protein immediately post workout.


Protein porridge bowl.


Chia seeds.                                                        

Protein powder.

Almond milk.

Fruit. (banana/berries).

Peanut Butter.



I will have this when I get hungry & when is convenient in and around my day. If I have the chance to cook I always will but often have this meal in Tupperware. I aim for a balanced intake with this meal protein, carb, fats and micronutrients. I also have a big appetite so include lots of veggies to ‘pad’ this meal out and make it bigger without hugely increasing the caloric level.



Eggs (if I cook).

Avocado (if I prepare).



Veggies. (pepper/onion/tomato/spinach/lettuce).



Again I shoot for balance with this meal. Protein, fats, carbs, micros. I tend to include the veg that I didn’t consume earlier in the day to mix it up from a vitamin & mineral standpoint as well as a satiety point of view. Also this can be prepared as a ‘one pan wonder’ boiling the potatoes, salmon, veg all in the same pan, making it quick, easy & convenient.






Green veggies. (broccoli/beans).


Dessert/Flexi Bowl.

My favourite meal of the day. Probably not optimal consuming sugar before bed but I find this satisfies my sweet tooth & allows me to stay consistent with my intake. It’s a very macronutrient balanced bowl including proteins, carbs & fats. It’s also very easy to adapt this bowl to suit your intake which works for me. If I have undereaten protein I can increase the yogurt & protein powder, if I have undereaten carbohydrates I can include more cereal & fruit and if I have undereaten fat then I can increase the dark choc & peanut butter.


Total Yogurt.

Protein powder.

All Bran (cereal).


Dark choc.

Peanut butter.




Obviously this is not every day but provides a good outline of my general intake. I play about with ingredients, amounts & quantities to fit in line with my activity & appetite but this adaptable nutritional strategy gives me a good foundation to work from and is the way we set up client nutritional strategies. The key when preparing any nutritional strategy is incorporating a good balance of macros (pro/carb/fat) & micros (vitamins/minerals) which allows me to feel satisfied, allows me to recover well from my training and all whilst enjoying every single meal I prepare & consume. Setting up my nutritional strategy in this way allows me to focus on the other areas of my life without having to overthink my nutrition.



So to sum up from a nutritional strategy point of view…

Pre workout- fasted or high GI carb, moderate protein.

Post workout- mix of high & low GI carb, high protein.

Lunch- protein, carb, fat, micros.

Dinner- protein, carb (depending on goals), fat, micros.

Dessert Bowl- adjustable depending on daily intake.


Daily supplementation.

Creatine. 5g daily.

Vit D.

Vit B Complex.

Zinc & Magnesium.

Ginger/Lime/Cucumber/Orange homemade juice shot.


As much water as possible. Upwards of 6L daily.









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