Mindset. an intro.

Mindset is defined as… ‘A fixed mental attitude that predetermines a persons responses to and interpretations of situations.’

Feeling good is the most important piece of the EAT.LOOK.FEEL. puzzle.

Having a focused, positive mindset has become a cliché, but for a very good reason. It’s intangible therefore easy to focus on other areas, but it is essential to feeling your best and to achieving your goals whether they are performance, mentally or physically related.

Adopting the mindset that self worth isn’t attached to how you look is an important concept that isn’t common enough. Being in ‘shape’ can be a confidence boost but don’t make it a confidence that you depend on, be yourself, learn, grow and focus on better. Physical shape should and will tie in with your growth not become the sole focus.

...mood, focus, gratitude, positivity, generosity, kaizen... all important concepts when on the journey to better. A focus will be on these factors and others that effect mindset to encourage the correct journey towards better and feeling good.

Dan Hyman1 Comment